Julius Moreno
First Year Advisor

Office Location: Woodbury 109, UCB 290

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My name is Julius Moreno. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California but have moved a lot since then. Yet, Los Angeles will always hold a place in my heart. After high school I attended California State University Chico where I received my Bachelors Degree of Sociology. From there I traveled across the country to attend Syracuse University in Upstate New York where I would receive my Masters of Higher Education. Education has allowed me to not only learn more about myself but about the world we live in. Today, it is those feelings that push me to do the work I do. I am passionate about creating opportunities for all students to pursue their own aspirations. I am committed to competencies of leadership, creativity, cultural relevance, and empowerment of students. 

Outside of work I am a huge Marvel fan who loves watching the latest movies or series. I love to travel and explore new places I have never visited before, I enjoy playing and watching basketball, and most of all I am really into sneakers. I have always loved to wear and collect different types of sneakers/shoes.