We are excited to announce that the next Summit for Coaching in Higher Education will be held summer 2021 by the University of Oklahoma. If you would like more details as they become available, please submit your email below.

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The Future of Academic/Success Coaching in Higher Education: A Collaborative Visioning Summit was held July 29 through July 30, 2019 at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Fifty leaders from across the United States met to discuss academic/success coaching with the following goals in mind:

  1. To elevate academic/success coaching in higher education
  2. To provide academic/success coaches opportunities for networking and a sense of community
  3. To further define academic/success coaching by detecting similarities and differences between programs and program wants and needs
  4. To collectively identify needs for individuals to become effective academic/success coaches.

The summit was a huge success and we look forward to continuing the conversation.