Brendan Griffiths
Chemistry; Biochemistry Advisor

Ekeley M299A

I graduated from Whitworth University, a tiny liberal arts college nestled amongst the pine trees of Eastern Washington. Unable to settle on whether to be a musician or scientist, I chose to double major in Music and Chemistry, a decision that frequently led to late weekend nights spent practicing and writing lab reports in the music building. In grad school, here at CU Boulder, I taught Organic Chemistry (with a smidgen of Gen Chem) and did my thesis work in a lab specializing in the synthesis of complex molecules with potential applications as therapeutics for the treatment of antibiotic-resistant pathogens. In other words, I grew MRSA and then tried to stop it from growing. After graduating with my M.Sc. in December of 2017, I was fortunate to transition from student to advisor almost immediately.

Outside of work I sing in a renaissance group on campus, figure skate, and “multitask” binging cooking shows while napping. The best lesson I learned through seven years as a student in higher education is the importance a healthy work-life balance. I look forward to helping students navigate the weirdness of college life, find support networks, and identify the unique story they wish to tell with their education.