Beatriz Salazar-Nuñez
Academic Coach

Woodbury 103, UCB 290

Beatriz (Bea) was raised in Colorado, and loves the activities Colorado offers. She is passionate about equity in education and asking the hard questions in order to get to the root of the problem. She attended University of Colorado Denver where she earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology and did an honors thesis in Biophysics and Biochemistry. She also minored in Ethnic Studies. Bea then went on to receive a Master’s degree in Student Affairs in Higher Education at Colorado State University. Along with equity in education, Bea is interested in assisting students to become advocates for their own learning, future, and self-growth as she believes education is one of the important components to escaping the poverty cycle and an important element in the quest for social justice. 

In her free time, you will usually find Bea reading, hiking, or learning something new from a YouTube tutorial.