Abby Glauser
First Year Advisor

she, her, hers

My journey began in the suburbs of eastern Kansas, where I was born and raised. I completed my BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at the University of Kansas in 2014. After working in a mycology lab for a year, I went on to complete my MS in Botany at Oregon State University in 2018. After graduating, I managed a statewide ecological research project at the University of Minnesota. I have a lot of first-hand experience doing research in the lab and out in the field. I’ve studied 300 million-year-old fossil plant spores, sequenced fungal DNA from Appalachian soils, and studied the ecology of lichens and mosses in the forests of Oregon and Minnesota.

But in all my years as a biologist, my favorite moments were always working with students. I love teaching new skills and chatting about classes, life, the universe, and everything! I am so excited to work with first year students at CU because I am passionate about creating a meaningful connection with each of my students, and providing support to help them achieve their personal and professional goals. This is such an exciting time for students to explore a variety of interests, develop new skills, and take advantage of all the amazing programs CU has to offer!

In my free time, I love spending time outdoors hiking, camping, trail running, and just wandering around the woods taking photos of plants and fungi. When I’m not outside, you might find me reading, sketching, journaling, watching baby goat videos, or baking tasty treats.

Office location: Woodbury 109