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* = Certificates are not technically a degree, but can be pursued to supplement a bachelor's degree

South Asia—a region that includes India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Tibet—has emerged as a key center of culture, literature, politics, and business in the 21st century. South Asia is home to over 100 official languages and many of the world’s religious traditions. Graduates who have broad, interdisciplinary knowledge of South Asia are well-prepared for a host of international careers.

The Certificate in South Asian Languages and Civilizations allows students to pursue a formal concentration in South Asia, in addition to most majors. To fulfill the required 19 credit hours, students choose from approved courses in Asian Languages and Civilizations, Religious Studies, History, Anthropology, and International Affairs.

The certificate also features coursework in Hindi-Urdu. With some 500 million speakers, Hindi-Urdu is among the world’s most widely spoken languages, and boasts thriving literary, media, and popular cultures.

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