Teaching & Learning Imperative: Inspire Intellectual Dexterity

Strategic Recommendation: Serve the majority of College of Arts and Sciences students who have non-academic career goals while maintaining our strong commitment to creating research opportunities for graduate school-bound students.

  • Establish a point of contact within the College of Arts and Sciences to communicate with career services about qualities relevant to employers (e.g. communication skills, critical thinking skills, research skills), to ensure that our students understand how to explain the value of a liberal arts education to potential employers, and to ensure that we are preparing our students with the intellectual dexterity to navigate the contemporary working world.
  • For masters-level degree programs, identify which departments offer both graduate research (thesis) and professional master’s (non-thesis) degree programs. These may be a possible template for some workforce-bound undergraduate majors.
  • Encourage all levels of faculty to work with students in the creation of vanguard certificates and minors.