Teaching & Learning Imperative: Inspire Intellectual Dexterity

Strategic Recommendation: Support faculty as they explore innovative pedagogical approaches that will lead to transformative learning experiences.

  • Increase funding to support faculty development (pedagogical training, course development, etc.), particularly where such development does not already fall under the purview of ASSETT.
  • Provide funding to support faculty who wish to develop alternate forms of assessment of student learning or of their own effectiveness in teaching.
  • Promote inclusive pedagogy, including but not limited to the development of courses that satisfy the diversity portion of the core curriculum.
  • Create new, team-taught, transformative learning experiences that implement discipline-transcending innovations from research and creative work.
  • Re-engage College of Arts and Sciences Administration on issue of credits following faculty members so they are able to participate in more teaching experiences beyond their primary units.
  • Hire additional faculty so as to allow all students and all faculty to participate in transformative learning experiences.