Teaching & Learning Imperative: Inspire Intellectual Dexterity

Strategic Recommendation: Assess avenues for achieving this goal that are already in place in the College.

  • Complete a master list of existing programs and courses in A&S that already offer transformative learning experiences, including honors research, individual research projects, internships, critical thinking courses, first year seminars, global intensives, applied learning, service learning, and “learning by doing” (which develops skills and intellectual curiosity through hands-on exploration and inquiry).
  • Report number of A&S students who participated in one or more of these experiences by graduation.
  • Assess distribution of graduating A&S students in each of these experiences to identify any demographic disparities that exist between who participates in these programs and who does not. Track connections to the different cohorts of support (MASP, RAPs, Honors, UROP, CU Engage, Faculty labs).
  • Report on how these different programs are funded.
  • Re-engage A&S Administration on the issue of credits following faculty members so they are able to participate in more teaching experiences beyond their primary units.
  • Investigate barriers to participation in transformative learning experiences by Instructors, Lecturers, and Research Faculty rostered outside of traditional A&S Departments.