Research Imperatives: Prioritize our research enterprise by investing in the faculty, staff, and students who conduct research

Strategic Recommendation: Recruit and retain excellent and diverse researchers, and recognize the distinctive role of staff in research.

  • Review current faculty salaries in the College of Arts and Sciences, with the aim of bringing average salaries in line with our peer institutions at every rank and in every field.
  • Recognize the value of researchers by offering wages commensurate with our peer institutions.
  • Dedicate funding to attract outstanding scholars and students, and offer long-term research support and assistantships to retain those researchers.
  • Lead the campus in providing graduate students with the compensation and benefits that enable them to afford to live in Boulder while focusing on their education and research. Consider including paid parental leave, dependent healthcare coverage, dependent care support and bus passes in standard graduate student support.
  • Ensure adequate staffing to support the research mission.
  • Recognize staff as vital partners with faculty in achieving research goals.