Cultural Imperatives: Create a culture that engages the world

Goal: Partner with local, national and international entities to understand, innovate and engage in important global issues in order to deepen and broaden our connections to the local community, the state and the world.

  • Substantially improve alumni support network for undergraduates and graduates.
  • Use alumni expertise and alliances to connect students and faculty to work on global or community problems.
  • Strengthen the innovation arm that can spin-off breakthrough ideas for CU Boulder. Set up alumni matching for this program.
  • Increase the network of study, social, and community groups.
  • Build upon our diversity to increase a global perspective.
  • Create College teams to investigate persistent social problems and innovative solutions.
  • Increase funding for international travel, service, study, and professional collaborations.
  • Offer more in-house College cultural celebration events (dinners, arts events, etc.) that are specific to the College and not lost in the campus.