The best plans for action fail if there is no action.

For strategic plans to be effective, they require adoption, constant care, evaluation and—when milestones are met—celebration. Unless made part of an institution's genetic makeup, they are rejected, left on the shelf, never seeing the light of day. In such instances, not only do current goals and aspirations flounder, subsequent attempts to accomplish important goals are met with ridicule, cynicism and contempt.

To avoid this outcome, the Strategic Planning Committee recommends the following next steps:

  1. The strategic plan will be shared with the members of the Arts and Sciences Council for adoption along with the Divisional Deans to map out how the plan's principles and initiatives can help guide College policy.
  2. The College must establish concrete goals and metrics that will help provide an evidence-based assessment of both priorities and accomplishments toward each imperative.
  3.  Progress will be tracked on this website and will be presented to the College and ASC at the end of the academic year.
  4. College resources should help incentivize departments to implement the plan. Only with all units working in concert will any of the aspirational goals articulated herein be accomplished.

Task Force on Strategic Plan Implementation Report

    A Letter of Support From Students