In April 2019, the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder released a 10-year strategic plan to articulate the College's vision and to offer a detailed plan for implementation through three strategic imperatives. To achieve this vision, conceptual planning and action should focus on the following areas:

  • Culture. The college will be a community welcoming all, and will engage local, state and world partners. Specifically, we will develop the physical space and intellectual climate for bold, inventive collaboration in order to build a strong academic community and a collective identity for students, alumni, faculty and staff in the College of Arts and Sciences. With faculty, staff and students as equal partners in decision-making, we will develop a transparent and stable campus-wide funding strategy.
  • Teaching and Learning. The college will teach to inspire curiosity, compassion and the courage to act. We will emphasize transformative learning experiences that reward exploration and inquiry. We propose initiatives that transcend disciplinary boundaries, encourage teaching through research and creative work, and engage the world.
  • Research. The college will attract, develop and retain the world’s best scholars—the engine that drives a research university. We will support research, especially high-risk and high-impact projects, and we will bring faculty and graduate student compensation in line with national standards and the cost of living in Boulder. We will expand access to opportunities for research for our students and recognize the important role of staff in research.

This strategic plan was submitted by the College of Arts and Sciences Strategic Planning Committee. Committee members include:

  • Michaele Ferguson, Political Science, Associate Professor (co-chair)
  • Elaine Paul, Art and Art History, Visual Resources Specialist (co-chair)
  • David Aragoni, Old Main, Scholarship Coordinator and Analyst
  • Anne Becher, Spanish and Portuguese, Senior Instructor
  • Catherine Cartwright, Art and Art History, Graduate Program Coordinator
  • Jake Clark, Political Science, Undergraduate
  • Caroline Conzelman, Global Studies Residential Academic Program, Senior Instructor
  • Sandy Crowell, Classics, Program Assistant
  • Andrea Feldman, Program for Writing and Rhetoric, Senior Instructor
  • Kurt Gutjahr, Center of the American West, Program Director
  • Samantha Martin, Pre-Med Humanities, Undergraduate
  • Tania Martuscelli, Spanish and Portuguese, Associate Professor
  • Olivia Wittenberg, International Affairs, Undergraduate

You can read the full strategic plan here.

Please note: This is a separate strategic process from the campus-wide Academic Futures initiative.