Guide to Event Promotion at the University of Colorado Boulder

Prepared by the College of Arts and Sciences Communications Department

CU‐Boulder Today

This is an email/online publication that goes out three times a week. There is a faculty/staff edition as well as a student edition. You can write a short announcement and to ask CUBT to include it in an edition. They don’t have room to publicize everything, so the sooner you get them the information about your event, the better chance you will have of being included in the newsletter.

Contact: Erin Frazier (
Greg Swenson (

CU Connections

This is an email/online publication that goes out once a week to faculty and staff. They run announcements at their discretion, so the sooner you can get them the information, the better chance you will have of getting it included in their newsletter.


CU‐Boulder Office of Media Relations and News Services

The news‐services office is the central distributor of press releases coming out of CU. Please contact the A&S Communications office first.

Contact: Clint Talbott, editor (

Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine

The Colorado Arts and Sciences Magazine is an online publication whose major “editions” are announced quarterly to all students, faculty, staff and alumni. The Magazine covers all kinds of topics and events in the College of Arts and Sciences and publicizes news and events throughout the year. Articles are added on a daily basis.

Contact: Clint Talbott, editor (

Local newspaper contacts
You can also contact local newspapers directly. Here is the contact information for some of them.

Main CU Calendar
If you post your event in only one place, make sure you post it here! IMPORTANT: Make sure you put your event into the “Arts and Sciences” category so it can be picked up by all A&S websites that use the calendar feed.

Daily Camera Calendar

Boulder Weekly Calendar

KGNU Calendar (Local public radio)

Craigslist Calendar

There is an email list set‐up for all campus staff who use social media. It is helpful to send your announcement to this list, as many of them will re‐post it on their social media. It works best if you put a sample of exactly what people can post (e.g., retweet on Twitter or share on Facebook), so all they have to do is cut and paste. You have to be a member of this list to post to this list.

To subscribe to the socialmedia list, visit this link

To send email to the socialmedia list

This is a list of all the people in the College of Arts and Sciences who are tasked with communications for their departments or programs. Use this list for events and communications related directly to the College of Arts and Sciences. You have to be a member of this list to post to this list.

To subscribe to the ascommunicators list

To send e-mail to the ascommunicators list

  • UMC: In order to post you posters in the UMC, you must get them approved and date‐stamped at the UMC Reception Desk. They allow only five to be posted in specific locations on the first floor. Posters placed on the upper floors of the UMC do not need to be approved. Please see for details.
  • ATLAS building: These posters need to be approved. A notice on the bulletin boards will tell you where to go.
  • Posters in Dorms: These will also have to be approved by each dorm.
  • Ekeley Kiosk: This is the kiosk on the main walkway near the Ekeley Building. These posters are all removed every Friday.
  • Other campus buildings: Each building has its own policy on posters. Look on the bulletin board before you post to make sure you are in compliance with any rules that may be posted.

Using chalk on sidewalks is a popular way of event promotion on campus. Please read the campus chalking policy from Section 13, Chalking, from the Campus Use of University Facilities manual.


You can also promote your events on three digital signs located in the University Memorial Center. The UMC gets a lot of foot traffic from students, faculty, staff and visitors. CU departments can promote events, courses, degree programs, application deadlines or other important announcements to students. For student groups, the event must be CU‐approved. The displays are created with your own slides, animations, PowerPoint presentations or video. The promotion shows repeatedly throughout the day on three different UMC digital signs.

Contact: Catherine Horning (