Arts and sciences students must fulfill the following credit requirements for graduation:

  1. Pass a total of 120 credit hours.

  2. Maintain a 2.00 GPA (cumulative) in all University of Colorado coursework and a 2.00 (cumulative) in all coursework for the major that is attempted. (Some majors may require a higher minimum GPA.)

  3. Pass 45 credit hours of upper-division work (courses numbered in the 3000s and 4000s).

  4. Arts and sciences students must complete a minimum of 45 credit hours in University of Colorado courses on the Boulder campus. Of these 45 credit hours, a minimum of 30 credit hours must be in arts and sciences upper-division courses. A maximum of 6 credit hours taken at other University of Colorado campuses (CU Denver and UCCS) can be counted toward the minimum 45 credit hours required on the Boulder campus but cannot be counted toward the 30 upper-division credit hours in arts and sciences. Courses taken while on CU Boulder study abroad programs or through CU Boulder Continuing Education are considered to be in residence.

  5. For the Bachelor of Arts degree, students must complete a minimum of 75 credit hours outside their major department. Students who complete designated departmental honors courses in their major department and/or in honors thesis credit can reduce the 75 credit hours required outside the major department by a corresponding number of credits, up to a maximum of 6.

  6. For the Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, students must complete a minimum of 53 credit hours outside of their major department.

In addition to fulfilling these credit requirements, students must complete a major offered by the College of Arts and Sciences and fulfill the MAPS requirements and the General Education (Gen Ed) requirements or the Core Curriculum requirements.