Teaching & Learning Imperative: Inspire Intellectual Dexterity

Strategic Recommendation: Provide transformative learning experiences for all students that apply discipline-transcending innovations to real world problems.

  • Assess avenues for achieving this goal that are already in place in Arts and Sciences.
    • Report number of Arts and Sciences students who participated in one of these programs (includes any added newly programs) by graduation.
    • Assess distribution of graduating Arts and Sciences students in each of the programs, including number of students gaining this experience through honors research/individual projects/ internships and how many gaining through classes.
    • Report number of graduating Arts and Sciences students who did not gain applied learning/service learning experience. (Apparently, there are existing statistics, which show that Arts and Sciences is not reaching a disconcertingly large fraction of students. Existing statistics can be used for comparison but need updating).
    • Identify any demographic disparities that exist between who takes advantage of these programs and who does not.
    • Report on how these different programs are funded (there are probably myriad sources).
    • Re-engage Arts and Sciences Administration on issue of credits following faculty members so they are able to participate in more cross-disciplinary teaching experiences.
  • Create a student accessible, searchable data base of all faculty research/creative work interests in order to connect students to mentors. (e.g., Discovery Learning Apprenticeship)