Teaching & Learning Imperative: Inspire Intellectual Dexterity

Strategic Recommendation: Serve the majority of A&S students who have non-academic career goals while maintaining our strong commitment to creating research opportunities for graduate school-bound students.  This includes providing new opportunities for those wanting to move directly into the work force.

  • Complete a master list of existing programs in Arts and Sciences that entail a component of applied learning that either meets the imperative or could with a little effort.
  • Create new, team-taught, transformed learning experiences that apply or implement discipline-transcending innovations from research and creative work to diverse communities. These learning experiences are integrated with practices of project planning; group dynamics; perseverance and transdisciplinary literacy through written and oral presentation.
  • By expanding the definition of scholarship, we will improve strategies or proposals to increase the allocation of resources and personnel. This will allow all students and all faculty to participate in transformed applied learning experiences integrated with practice of academic literacy.
  • Establish a point of contact within Arts and Sciences that communicates with Career Services to ensure student relevance and ingenuity in the working world.
  • For graduate (masters level) programs, identify which Departments offer both Graduate research (thesis) and Professional Master’s (non-thesis) degree programs (ex: Master of the Environment Professional degree program). This may be a possible template for workforce-bound undergraduate majors.
  • Encourage all levels of faculty to work with students in the creation of vanguard certificates and minors.