Teaching & Learning Imperative: Foster Rigorous Exploration

Strategic Recommendation: Empower students to be confident risk-takers by ensuring opportunities for initiative, ingenuity, perseverance, project ownership, collaboration, and communication.

  • Report on number and majors for those working on honors/Independent/applied learning projects and track connections to the different cohorts of support (MASP, RAPs, Honors, UROP, CU Engage, Faculty labs).
  • Study implications of minors as a pathway to diversify areas of study.
  • Create a catalogue of spaces used/could be used as “co-laboratories” on campus that support discipline-transcending innovation.
  • Create new physical spaces for flexible collaboration that serve certificates, applied learning projects and other trans-disciplinary efforts.
  • Reward students with revised scholarship criterion, non-GPA based, but project/risk-taking based.
  • Examine Outcomes Assessments/FCQs and consider revising to include risk-taking as a part of class assessment.
  • Create opportunities for students to learn from all faculty who are life-long learners by funding a program that enables all faculty to take a class as part of their load every sixth semester.