Strategic Imperative 2: Teach to inspire the intellectual dexterity, rigorous exploration, and compassion required to engage with our changing world.

Learning by doing is a pedagogical approach that gives students real world skills, develops intellectual curiosity, and builds community. We propose that all students, each year, be given opportunities to enroll in classes that focus on hands-on exploration and inquiry. These courses will offer a high-level of faculty contact in and out of the classroom, emphasizing one or more of the following areas:

  1. Connections between diverse disciplines;
  2. Different points of view;
  3. Fearless innovation;
  4. Compassion;
  5. Participation in research and creative work; and 
  6. Connection with communities via internship or applied learning that integrates scholarly analysis. 

We hope that these experiences will enhance connections between students, developing a shared identity as students of the College of Arts & Sciences who are curious, resourceful and action-oriented.

Teaching & Learning Imperative: Inspire Intellectual Dexterity

Teaching & Learning Imperative: Foster Rigorous Exploration

Teaching & Learning Imperative: Cultivate Compassion

Teaching & Learning Imperative: Encourage Community Connections

Open the Cultural Aperture: Encourage students, faculty, and staff to deepen their connections with others

Strategic Recommendations: