Strategic Imperative 3: Prioritize our research enterprise to define the frontiers of knowledge and solve important problems.

We aim to stretch the boundaries of knowledge and to develop groundbreaking ideas that help solve long-standing and emergent problems while also defining new areas for inquiry. At both department and College levels, research and scholarship intersect with teaching and service and should be recognized as such in tenure and promotion processes. Research invigorates our teaching, facilitates opportunities for student training and mentoring and feeds back into university and community interaction in the form of outreach and engagement. Our research and creative enterprises on campus will benefit from internal funding, new research facilities, expanded and democratized access to research leaves, as well as administrative support from a reduced burden from bureaucratic processes. A top priority is recruiting and retaining skilled and dedicated researchers from a range of backgrounds.

Research Imperative: Research & Creative Work Opportunities

Create opportunities for faculty, professional researchers, postdoctoral scholars, graduate and undergraduate students to excel in research and creative work.

Strategic Recommendations:

Research Imperative: Research Excellence

Recruit and retain excellent researchers.

Strategic Recommendations:

Research Imperative: Optimize Support

Optimize processes to allow maximum time for research that leads to breakthroughs in the arts and sciences.

Strategic Recommendations:

Research Imperative: Research, Teaching & Service

Recognize the intersection of research and scholarship with teaching and service.

Strategic Recommendations:

Academic Mentorship

Research Imperative: Incentivizing Excellence

Encourage and incentivize excellence in research and teaching through transparent budget remodeling.

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