Cultural Imperatives: Increase Interdisciplinary Collaboration​

Strategic Recommendation: Use a messaging system (an elaborated version of the Be Boulder campaign) to embed our shared intellectual and cultural values within our physical space, in order to build appreciation of our rich history, honor the diverse perspectives we offer and illuminate the ways in which we think courageously to address regional and global issues.

  • New and numerous signs, banners and other physical objects that celebrate Arts and Sciences history and accomplishments visible throughout the campus. Possible measurements: Survey of admission tour groups and leaders regarding impact for recruiting for Arts and Sciences, and staff surveys.
  • Marquees and signs that ask "Why?" or big questions of community or global importance.
  • New Arts and Sciences logo that embodies our mission and inspires identification with the college (e.g., "Minds to Match our Mountains" – perhaps a Flatirons logo to increase sense of our affinity).