natana aldana
Art History

Nataña Aldana is joining the Art History program from Altadena, California as a first year MA student. After receiving her BFA from Otis College of Art + Design in Los Angeles, she had an extensive career in branding and communication design in Northern and Southern California. Through the meticulous research for her career and student engagement, an interest in Art History began to develop. After more formal education in Art History at UC Davis and the guidance of faculty mentors, a refined focus emerged examining the external influences of art on Colonial Mesoamerica, facilitated by Spanish and Dutch trade. By exploring the context behind converging styles from this unique period, she hopes to highlight points of cultural reciprocity to help heal and bridge the cultural divisions of today. Her language studies in Spanish and Japanese, and time teaching art at the Craft Center at UC Davis, has provided valuable experience to further her goal of educating in a college setting in the US or abroad.