Molly Ott
Sculpture & Post-Studio Practice

Molly Ott is always considering rituals of Americana and the personal myth. Gridding, collecting and arranging each have a part in her language but absurdity is the most preferred principle of all.

Working mainly in sculpture, mischief functioning alongside sincerity is a subversive method in her practice for deconstructing social barriers. This opening of creativity values the amateur, creating intuitively as a nondiscriminatory technique. Sculpting with found objects, because of its recognizable, every-day commonness, has also been a part of her answer for making art more accessible to a larger audience. The variety of found objects she employs (food, organic matter, kitsch) challenge her with continual exploration of composition and assemblage, choices mixed with intuition as she has a longer history with these objects than raw material. Her careful, gridded compositions present aesthetics as being ritualistic, functioning as cathartic.

Like storytelling, rituals can live beyond a single life and travel through multiple generations. She is interested in the transiency of daily life that is tangled in the immortal aspects of ritual.