Gengwei Guo
East Asian Art
Art History

Gengwei is a first-year graduate student originally from China, specializing in East Asian Art, specifically Chinese painting. His research interest in the materiality of colors began from his work in flower and bird painting. To create a good flower and bird painting, he needs to study how to use pigments and colors well, because colors affect the visual effect of the whole painting. Besides, he learned to depict different plants, flowers, birds, and animals by copying from books and sketching in nature. He thinks flower and bird painting shows people the artistic creation and stylistic changes are related to science, such as botanical studies, natural history, and cross-cultural exchanges. Gengwei has also participated in study abroad programs for three times in the US and Europe from 2016 to 2018, he hopes to take a cross-cultural perspective to study Chinese flower and bird painting and colors at CU Boulder. Additionally, Gengwei is also a graduate assistant for the visiting scholar program.