Emilie Luckett
Art History

Emilie Luckett is a first year MA student who is interested in the role art plays in politics and activism. Her undergraduate work at the Metropolitan State University of Denver explored the prevalence of collectivity in activist artwork, with a specific interest in how art collectives are addressing the current climate crisis and how this crisis is affecting Indigenous peoples and lands disproportionately. Emilie is excited to work with and to be supported by the Mellon Sawyer Seminar, Deep Horizons: Making Visible an Unseen Spectrum of Ecological Casualties & Prospects, which aims to investigate intersectional questions concerning the changing planet as it affects specific peoples, communities, wildlife species, and ecosystems in varying and inequitable ways. Emilie intends to continue researching how art-making plays a significant role in activist movements and the impact art/artists can have in creating socio-political change.