Jade Gutierrez
MA, Art History
Email / Artist Website / Website / Social media: @jadeannegz

I am currently a professional research assistant for the Renée Crown Wellness Institute and the Department of Psychology and Neuroscience at the University of Colorado Boulder. My current work is with the Mindful Campus Project, where we are striving to create scalable and sustainable programming using mindfulness-based interventions to support undergraduate student wellness. I am also an affiliate faculty member at Metropolitan State University where I teach art history. Previously, I worked as an art historian--both as a high school educator and as a professional curator and registrar of Latin American art. I specialize in decolonizing methodologies and artworks from First Nations and Latin America and am interested in interdisciplinary interventions and in creating equity in research studies through Community Based Research and Youth Participatory Action Research.

Posted Jun. 17, 2020

Johnny Defeo
MFA, Drawing & Painting
Website / Email / @johnnycakesdefeo

Guild of Adventure Painters

Johnny is still out here, trying to make it happen, painting and whining and crying, and sometimes even succeeding. In 2018 he co-founded the mobile art residency The Guild of Adventure Painters which he continues to run with Aaron Zulpo and Andrea Heimer. He now lives in Taos, NM, painting landscapes, floating face down in the Rio Grande, and staring out into the golden void.

Posted Feb. 25, 2021