David Alcantar
MFA, Drawing & Painting
Website / Email / @davidmalcantar (Insta) @DavidMAlcantar (Twitter)

A native Texan, David Alcantar received his BFA from the University of Texas at Austin in general studio art practices with an emphasis on Drawing and painting. Later, from the University of Colorado­­–Boulder, David received his MFA in Drawing and Painting. Alcantar’s artistic philosophy is that art speaks to what is common in human experience more than to what is particular, and that it points to beauty that exists in the world. Alcantar’s current work concerns human negotiation behavior – because it is a universal human activity – and the impacts of negotiated choices on the narratives and relationships between people, environments, systems, and experiences. Specifically, his work attempts to illustrate the internalized and time-based “activity” of negotiation through paintings and drawings, to heighten the awareness and understanding of the power dynamics involved in negotiations. David Alcantar currently works and resides in San Antonio, TX.

Posted Sep. 16, 2020