My name is Kate Okun and I am an incoming APS PhD student at CU Boulder. I am interested in developing and testing novel detectors for applications in cosmic microwave background experiments.  At CU I am working with NIST’s Quantum Sensors group to test the superconducting focal arrays for the Taurus project.

I received my BS Physics from Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) where I researched sidelobe noise mitigation techniques for a ground based Three-Mirror Anastigmat (TMA) telescope.

I have previously worked with the Society of Women Engineers at Arizona State University and the Undergraduate Research Society at CWRU to further equity for women in physics research through mentorship and community building.

Feel free to reach out with any questions or to get in touch!

Advisor: Johannes Hubmayr (NIST)

Publications and Presentations: 

Ian Gullett, Bradford Benson, Robert Besuner, Richard Bihary, John Carlstrom, Nick Emerson, Patricio A. Gallardo, Jillian Gomez, Cesiley L. King, Jeff McMahon, Jared L. May, Johanna M. Nagy, Tyler Natoli, Michael D. Niemack, Kate Okun, Stephen Padin, John E. Ruhl, Edward J. Wollack, and Jeff Zivick, "Sidelobe modeling and mitigation for a three mirror anastigmat cosmic microwave background telescope," Appl. Opt. 62, 4334-4341 (2023)

Kate Okun, “Modeling and Manufacturing Baffle Panels to Reduce the Impact of Sidelobes in Cosmic Microwave Background Telescopes,” APS March Meeting 2022

Scholastic Achievements: 

Bachelors of Science in Physics, Case Western Reserve University

  • Thesis Titled “Testing and Modeling Baffle Panels to Reduce the Impact of Sidelobes in Cosmic Microwave Background Telescopes” 

Richard L. Garwin Award for service and scholarship, CWRU Department of Physics

Top Presenter Award, American Physical Society

Doc Brown Undergraduate Student Research Poster Award, APS Great Lakes Section