Jason Glenn


D217 (Duane)

Professor Jason Glenn's research group focuses on astronomy and instrumentation at far-infrared through millimeter wavelengths. Current astronomy projects include characterizing warm molecular gas in galaxies detected with the Herschel Space Observatory, detailed investigations of molecular gas morphology, dynamics, and excitation in galactic nuclei with Atacama Large Millimeter Array observations, and measuring the structure and properties cold interstellar gas in our own Milky Way.  Instrumentation projects include developing new superconducting millimeter-wave spectrometer technology, SuperSpec, for redshift measurements of distant galaxies and development of high-sensitivity, far-infrared kinetic inductance detectors for suborbital astronomy and space observatories.  Prof. Glenn's group values quality teaching and service work, and diversity, inclusiveness, and work climate in addition to research quality.

Selected Recent Publications:

Kamenetzky, J., Rangwala, N., Glenn, J. “Warm and Cold Molecular Gas
Conditions Modeled in 87 Galaxies Observed by the Herschel SPIRE Fourier
Transform Spectrometer”, submitted to ApJ.

Zetterlund, E., Glenn, J., Rosolowsky, E. “A Galactic Molecular Cloud Clump
Catalog from Hi-GAL Data:  Method and Initial Results Comparison to BGPS”,
ApJ, in press (2017).

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Nguyen, H.T., Radford, S.J., Schlaerth, J.A., Vayonakis, A., Wilson, P.R.,
and Zmuidzinas, J.   “Peculiar Velocity Constraints from Five-Band SZ
Effect Measurements Towards RX J1347.5-1145 with MUSIC and Bolocam from the
CSO”, ApJ, Vol. 820, 101 ,13 pp. (2016).

Kamenetzky, J., Rangwala, N., Glenn, J., Maloney, P.R., and Conley, A.
“L’CO/LFIR Relations with CO Rotational Ladders of Galaxies Across the
Herschel SPIRE Archive”, ApJ , Vol. 829, 93 16 pp. (2016).

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Properties of Massive Starless and Star-Forming Clumps”, ApJ, Vol. 822, 59
32 pp. (2016).

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galaxies in the HerMES Large Mode Survey – catalogue, number counts, and
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Fyhrie, A., McKenney, C., Glenn, J., LeDuc, H.G., Gao, J., Day, P.,
Zmuidzinas, J. “Responsivity boosting in FIR TiN LEKIDs using phonon
recycling: simulations and array design”, Proceedings of the SPIE, Vol.
9914, doi: 10.1117/12.2231476, 7 pp. (2016).

Glenn, J., Fyhrie, A., Wheeler, J., Day, P.K., Eom, B.H., Leduc, H.G.
“Low-volume aluminum and aluminum / titanium nitride bilayer lumped-element
kinetic inductance detectors for far-infrared astronomy”, Proceedings of
the SPIE, Vol. 9914, doi: 10.1117/12.2233649, 8 pp. (2016).

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“SuperSpec: development towards a full-scale filterbank”, Proceedings of
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J., Bally, J., Giovanelli, R., Riechers, D., Karim, A., Plume, R. “The CCAT
Observatory: Science and Facility”, Conditions and Impact of Star
Formation, Eds. R. Simon, R. Schaaf, & J. Stutzki, EAS Pub. Series, Vol.
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Fyhrie, A., Glenn, J., Wheeler, J., Day, P., Eom, B.H., LeDuc, H., and
Skrutskie, M.  “Towards Background-Limited Kinetic Inductance Detectors for
a Cryogenic Far-Infrared Space Telescope”,  Jour. Low Temperature Physics,
184:712, DOI 10.1007/s10909-016-1593-3 (2016).

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Glenn, J., Rangwala, N., Maloney, P.R., and Kamenetzky, J.R.  “NGC 1266:
Characterization of the Nuclear Molecular Gas in an Unusual SB0 Galaxy”,
ApJ, Vol. 800, article id. 105G, 12 pp. (2015).

Ellsworth-Bowers, T.P., Glenn, J., Riley, A., Rosolowsky, E., Ginsburg, A.,
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Functions of Dense Molecular Cloud Structures”, ApJ, Vol. 805, article id.
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Rangwala, N., Maloney, P., Wilson, C., Glenn, J., Kamenetzky, J., Spinoglio,
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of Arp 220 as Revealed by ALMA”, ApJ, Vol. 806, article id. 17R, 10 pp.

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Survey. XII. Distance Catalog Expansion Using Kinematic Isolation of Dense
Molecular Cloud Structures with 13CO(1-0)”, ApJ, Vol. 799, article id. 29,
25 pp. (2015).

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star formation tracers in M83, revealed by the Herschel SPIRE FTS”, A&A,
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