Published: May 16, 2017

It is with gratitude and no small measure of sadness that we say good-bye to our graduating students. The following are those members of the APS family who are moving on, though we always hope to see them return in some capacity later.

New Doctors of Philosophy

Matteo Crismani - Advisor, Dr. Nick Schneider
Dissertation - Cometary Dust and Gas Delivered to Mars

Chris Fowler – Advisor, Dr. Bob Ergun
Dissertation – New Insights into the Structure and Energetics of the Martian Ionosphere

Katy Goodrich - Advisor, Dr. Bob Ergun
Dissertation - Kinetic Electric Field Signatures Associated with Magnetic Turbulence and Their Impact on Space Environments

Keri Hoadley - Advisor, Dr. Kevin France
Dissertation - Experimental and Observational Studies of Molecular Hydrogen in Interstellar and Circumstellar Environments

R. O. Parke Loyd - Advisor, Dr. Kevin France
Dissertation - The Volatility of Ultraviolet Radiation from Low-Mass Stars and Its Effects on Their Planets

Josh Moloney - Advisor, Dr. Mike Shull
Dissertation - Simulating the Low Redshift UV Background and the Absorber-Galaxy Connection

Morgan Rehnberg - Advisor, Dr. Larry Esposito
Dissertation - Small-Scale Structure in Saturn's Rings

Evan Tilton - Advisor, Dr. Mike Shull
Dissertation - The Ultraviolet Spectra of Active Galactic Nuclei: Intrinsic Properties and Intervening Material

Allison Youngblood - Advisor, Dr. Kevin France
Dissertation - Star Formation and Planets in Harsh Environments

New Bachelors of Arts

Summa Cum Laude
Shannon Barbara Osborne
Samantha Anne Valenteen

Magna Cum Laude
Katherine June Pellicore
Cameron Tyler Pratt

Cum Laude
Alysa Danielle Derks

Nicholas Joseph Alexander
Casey Allan Matthew Backes
Ethan Baker
Tanner Anthony Biglione
Kaleb Michael Bodisch
Michael Bostwick
Zarah Brown
Melissa Jiao Buckley
Travis Patrick Byrne
Christian Michael Carter
Cho Youngbum
Kelly Michelle Enloe
Samuel Esbin
Megan Elizabeth Fitzwater
Michael Joseph Frankovic
Kathleen Gwen Hanley
Jacob Conrad Hermann
Max Christian Hermann
Gerardo Luis Hidalgo-Cuellar
Emily Hill
Elise Marguerite Hobbs
Amanda Jean Koziol
Haeyoung Lim
Emily Marie Levis
Christian Carl Mariz
Phillip Menel
Kevin Nadeau
Willow Mae Reed
Lonnie Rickel
Emily Hawthorne Rives
Jason Patrick Ryan
Marvin Tann
Nicholas Kenneth VanderVegt