Webmoor photo 2017

I specialize in the material and visual culture of the Internet, and research how culture is increasingly mediated by digital platforms, devices and services. I conduct digital anthropological research in both offline settings with software and technology firms, as well as online in virtual worlds as an avatar. This involves looking at how commercial and academic developers and researchers acquire, visualize and apply so-called big data in all of its forms, whether from public repositories as "open data," web-scraping, or using social media platform Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). This allows me to propose best practices for the ethical treatment of personal, governmental and platform data. In addition to running my own digital-design consultancy firm, my ongoing projects include:

  • Ethnography of programmers and "codework"
  • Digital ethnography of MMORPGs
  • Corporate culture of technology firms
  • Design thinking in high-tech companies
  • Thing theory and the agency of materiality
  • Digital and cultural heritage of online "traces"
  • Anthropology of archaeological science as materializing practice
  • Entrepreneurial, start-up culture and facilitating cross-overs between academia and industry

Selected Publications:

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  • 2016. Webmoor, T. Algorithmic alchemy, or the work of code in the age of computerized visualization. In Visualization in the Age of Computerization, edited by Annamaria Carusi, Aud Sissel Hoel, Timothy Webmoor and Steve Woolgar, pp. 19-39. London and New York: Routledge.
  • 2013. Neuhaus, F. and T. Webmoor. Agile ethics for massified research and visualisation. Information, Communication and Society 15(1):43-65.
  • 2012. Olsen, B., M. Shanks, C. Witmore and T. Webmoor. Archaeology: The discipline of things. Berkeley: University of California Press.
  • 2012. Carusi, A., Hoel, A.S. and Webmoor, T. (editors). Computational Picturing. Interdisciplinary Science Reviews 37(1) (Special Issue).
  • 2010. Carusi, A., Novakovic, G. and Webmoor, T. Are digital picturings representations? Proceedings of the 2010 Electronic Visualisation and the Arts Conference (9):174-184.
  • 2008. Webmoor, T. From Silicon Valley to the Valley of Teotihuacan: the Yahoo!©s of new media and digital heritage. Visual Anthropology Review 24(2):183-200.