Sarah Kurnick
Faculty: Archaeology

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Research Focus

Sarah Kurnick’s research focuses on

  • Understanding the creation, perpetuation, and negation of social inequality generally and political authority in particular
  • Exploring how archaeology can benefit indigenous communities and foster positive social change

Her temporal/geographic focus is the ancient Maya world, and specifically the Postclassic Maya of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Working with Professor Kurnick

Since 2014, Professor Kurnick has co-directed the Punta Laguna Archaeology project, located in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico.  The project has two primary goals.  First, it aims to understand how political authority operates in the aftermath of major social transformations and particularly the nature of Postclassic Maya political relationships.  Second, it aims to devise, test, and practice a model of community archaeology that not only engages but also provides tangible benefits to an indigenous, marginalized Maya community.

Professor Kurnick is interested in graduate students with

  • strong theoretical backgrounds
  • interests in community/public/action archaeologies
  • solid writing skills

Professor Sarah Kurnick is accepting graduate students for Fall 2021.