Research in Oaxaca includes a regional project in the lower Río Verde Valley that examines the history of complex societies from ca. 1500 B.C. to A.D. 1522 and an interdisciplinary project designed to investigate the history of human impact on the environment along the Río Verde drainage system.

Project Highlights

  • Excavations of residences and public buildings
  • Surveys
  • Studies of ceramics, figurines, and lithics

Project Details

Two interrelated issues are the main focus of research in Oaxaca:

  • the origins, development, and collapse of complex societies and
  • the archaeology of landscape and space.

Research on complex societies uses poststructural theories of practice, power, ideology, and materiality to consider how social relations within societies as well as external factors like interregional interaction and ecology drive social changes such as political centralization and societal collapse.