Marc Levine
Alumni: Archaeology

Dr. Marc Levine holds a dual appointment at the University of Oklahoma as an Assistant Professor of Anthropology  and Curator of Archaeology at the Sam Noble Oklahoma Museum of Natural History. His responsibilities at Oklahoma include conducting research, teaching graduate and undergraduate courses, and overseeing the Museum’s archaeology collection of several million artifacts.

Levine conducted his MA and PhD research at the University of Colorado where he worked with Dr. Arthur Joyce. For his dissertation, Levine directed archaeological excavations at the Late Postclassic Mixtec Capital of Tututepec, located on the coast of Oaxaca, Mexico. Excavations at three low status households produced new information shedding light on the nature of political economy and social relations at ancient Tututepec. Levine has published the results of his research in journals such as American Anthropologist, Ancient Mesoamerica, and the Journal of Field Archaeology.

After receiving his PhD, Levine worked for several years as an Assistant Curator at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science where he researched the archaeology collection, participated in outreach activities, and worked on several museum exhibits. Most notably, Levine served as the co-curator of a major traveling exhibit entitled Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed.