Lance Holly
Alumni: Archaeology

Since graduating from CU with a Masters in Archaeology, Lance has focused his efforts on teaching kids about how cool history is. He began teaching high school at the New America School in Denver, working with English language learners and teaching history, government, and geography. After a year there, he switched to Venture Prep Charter School, where he currently teaches middle school history.

In the summers between school sessions he returns to his favorite archaeological environment in the country - Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, in Cortez, CO.  At Crow Canyon he works as a camp counselor for the field schools that come through. Lance says between Crow Canyon and teaching history in middle school, he keeps pretty active with the wonders of prehistory!

About His Experience in the Anthropology Department

“I had a wonderful experience getting my Masters at CU.  Besides receiving a rigorous education in prehistory and archaeological analysis, I got to work with some amazing staff, especially my advisor Dr. Cathy Cameron.  Cathy pushed me to become a better reader, writer, and researcher; skills that have helped me in everything that I do.  The Archaeology department at CU showed me what it takes to be a professional, and I am forever grateful for my experience in graduate school!”