Jen Shannon
Faculty: Cultural Anthropology

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Jen Shannon joined the CU Department of Anthropology and the CU Museum of Natural History in August of 2009.  As an Assistant Professor and a Curator of Cultural Anthropology, she conducts ethnographic fieldwork as well as object collections research, work on exhibits and collaborative projects in the museum, and teach courses in the Museum and Field Studies program and in the Department of Anthropology.  Jen worked as a Lead Researcher in the Curatorial department at the National Museum of the American Indian before earning a PhD in Sociocultural Anthropology at Cornell University in 2008.

Research Focus

Collaborative practice and connecting tribes to museum collections through NAGPRA consultations, co-directed research projects and exhibits, digitizing tangible and intangible heritage, the development of online access to collections, and oral history projects. Jen has worked with the following peoples:

  • The Chicago urban Indian community
  • The Navajo Nation
  • The Mandan Hidatsa Arikara Nation
  • The Canadian Inuit community of Igloolik
  • The Australian Aboriginal community in Townsville
  • The Paiwan tribe on the island of Taiwan
  • The Kalinago (or Island Caribs) of Dominica in the West Indies