Guy Hepp
Alumni: Archaeology • Adjunct Assistant Professor

Guy Hepp graduated with a Ph.D. in Anthropology in 2015. His dissertation research focused on the archaeology of the Mesoamerican Early Formative period (c.a. 1900-850 BCE) in coastal Oaxaca, Mexico. Since 2008, Guy has directed field and laboratory research of the early village site of La Consentida. Based on several radiocarbon dates, La Consentida has produced some of the earliest evidence for mounded earthen architecture and pottery in all of Mesoamerica.

Hepp’s interests include the establishment of and relationships between sedentism, agriculture, and social complexity. Scholars generally agree that these key sociocultural transformations in Mesoamerica can be traced to the Archaic (7000–1900 BCE) to Formative period transition. The models used to explain these phenomena are based on research in only a few regions, however, and the archaeology of La Consentida provides a promising opportunity to expand the limited data set of the Early Formative period.

In related research, Guy also studies ancient ceramic figurines and musical instruments as indicators of cosmology, ritual practice, and social organization. Based on the stratigraphic context of this artifact, as well as radiocarbon dates from nearby areas, this is one of Mesoamerica’s oldest known musical instruments.

Hepp is currently preparing publications based on his dissertation research and teaching as an Adjunct Professor in the Front Range area.