Alison Cool
Faculty: Cultural Anthropology

Alison Cool will join the CU faculty in 2015. She received her Ph.D. in Sociocultural Anthropology from New York University in 2013. Her dissertation, "Translating Twins: Twin Research and the Production of Genetic and Economic Knowledge in the Swedish Welfare State," was based on ethnographic fieldwork in Sweden with interdisciplinary networks of researchers who use twin studies to investigate genetic and environmental influences on social and economic behavior. This project was supported by grants from the Social Science Research Council, National Science Foundation, and Fulbright IIE, with additional training and support from the European Neuroscience and Society Network (ENSN) Neuroschool program, the Foreign Language Area Studies program, and the Brocher Foundation.

From 2013-2014, Cool was a Mellon Sawyer Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU working on the seminar series, “A Postgenomic Embrace of the Human? The Social Sciences and Humanities of Non-Reductionist Life Sciences,” and from 2014-2015 she was a Hixon-Riggs Early Career Fellow in Science and Technology Studies at Harvey Mudd College.

Alison Cool’s work focuses on medical anthropology and the anthropology of science and technology, and her primary research interests concern the relationships between genetic and economic approaches to behavior and the politics of the Swedish welfare state. More broadly, her research interests include the anthropology of Scandinavia; anthropology of science, medicine, and technology; science policy; expertise; economics; life sciences; twin studies; global data circulation; and cultural understandings of privacy and surveillance.

Alison Cool is accepting graduate students for Fall of 2018

Selected Publications

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