Alicia Davis
Alumni: Cultural Anthropology

Right after graduating in May 2010, Alicia started a position at the US Fish & Wildlife Service in Anchorage, Alaska. Her job title is officially “anthropologist” and she works as one of four cultural anthropologists at USFWS nationally, all housed at the Office of Subsistence Management. Alicia works in a team of wildlife and fisheries biologists on subsistence regulations for rural and Native Alaskans on federal lands (such as wildlife refuges, national parks, and national forests). She also oversees research on the relationship of subsistence fishers to their resources and lands.

Alicia has traveled to remote corners of Alaska and has participated in the public process of resource management from local to state levels. As an applied anthropologist, she is able to incorporate anthropology into the public discourse of conservation and natural resource management.

About Her Experience in the Anthropology Department

“The CU Anthropology program enabled me to think independently, to engage with real world issues, and to turn the subjects I am passionate about into scholarship.”