Research Interests and Book Projects

Donna M. Goldstein has written extensively on the intersection of race, gender, poverty and violence in Brazil.

Currently, Professor Goldstein is working on two book projects.  The first is tentatively titled, Pharmaceutical Politics in Neoliberal Latin America: The Traffic of Drugs, Lives, and Profits, an ethnographic investigation of the ways in which pharmaceutical products, particularly life-saving drugs, have come to occupy an imperial position in the humanistic, social, economic, and biological lives of citizens. Specifically, Pharmaceutical Politics brings ethnography and social theory together in order to ask how neoliberal social policy and the science of clinical trials has impacted the accessibility and safety of pharmaceutical products. Through its intensive focus on Argentina in the context of the Southern Cone region, the book builds on and deepens what might be termed a recent ‘pharmaceutical turn’ in anthropology.

A second book project is in its initial research stages, and is tentatively titled, Genetic Futures of the Nuclear Age: Anthropologist and Human Geneticist Dr. James V. Neel.  The book seeks to understand the history of genetics and the scientific debates surrounding ionizing radiation, as well as a fragment of the Cold War in Brazil and its resulting nuclear energy program, through the investigation of the biography of Dr. James V. Neel.