The course descriptions listed here are a subset of the Anthropology courses listed in the university catalog. The descriptions are to be used as examples as some topics within the course could change depending on the instructor. Please go to the Registrar website to see "How to Search for Classes" to get the list of courses being offered in the current semester.


ANTH 4130- Advanced Osteology promo slide featuring skeletons

ANTH 4130 Advanced Osteology

Advanced Osteology provides an intensive introduction to human osteology and the methods used to interpret the human skeleton. Students will learn: bones and features of the human skeleton, fundamentals of aging, sexing, and individuating human skeletal remains, how to estimate stature, weight, and the extent possible, geographic ancestry, how to...

ANTH 7020 - Computational Methods in Anthropology

Course Description Computational methods play a significant role in modern statistical data analysis due to the ever-increasing data sizes, complexity, and the evolution of more robust statistical analyses. This course is an introduction to the modern, computationally intensive methods in statistics focusing on data analysis and inference for anthropology. Course...