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ANTH 1155 Exploring Global & Cultural Diversity: How we Go: The Anthropology of Death and Dying

Nov. 30, 2022

We deny the fact of death by trying to forget about it. “The natural processes of corruption and decay have become as disgusting as the natural processes of birth and copulation were a century ago,” argues Geoffrey Gorer. In those moments when we actually contemplate it, death generally invokes dread...

ANTH 1155 Explorations in Global Cultural Diversity- Introduction to the Anthropology of Japan Promo Slide

ANTH 1155 - Explorations in Global Cultural Diversity- Introduction to the Anthropology of Japan

This course offers you a broad sample of cutting-edge contemporary social science explorations of Japan, featuring Friday guest lectures. You will meet many of the scholars whose work we will read, giving you the opportunity to ask questions about their research process. A core theme running through the course is...

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ANTH 2100 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

What does it mean to think anthropologically? This course will provide an overview of the history and foundations of anthropological thought, with a special focus on the key method of anthropology: ethnography. Drawing on both classical and contemporary anthropological texts from a broad range of international settings, we will analyze...

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ANTH 2200 The Archaeology of Human History

Where did human beings come from? How did we come to inhabit the world? Why don’t we eat wild foods anymore? How did complex urban societies rise and fall? All this and more….. Professor Douglas Bamforth See the University Catalog for specifics, recommendations, and prerequisites.

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ANTH 4020/5020 Historical Archaeology

New course for Spring 2024! For undergrads and grad students! Interested in the untold stories of U.S. history from the 1500s to today? Historical archaeology’s mission is to use a combination of archaeological and historical resources to tell the stories of those that did not make it into history. And,...

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ANTH 4120/5120 Social Bioarchaeology

Course for Spring 2024 Offered by Dr. DeWitte Did you know that your daily experiences, identity, and health can leave traces in your skeleton? Bioarchaeologistsusethisinformationtolearn about life in past human societies. To explore these topics, take Social Bioarchaeology! This course will include hands-on activities that teach you how bioarchaeologists build...