Cierra Walker
Graduate Student
Interdisciplinary Quantitative Biology

Curriculum Vitae

Research Interests:

My research focuses on understanding fibrotic heart disease using dynamic hydrogel materials. I am particularly interested in mechanotransduction and how it affects cell fate decisions with the goal of manipulating cell output. My work is highly interdisciplinary, using aspects of materials science, molecular and cellular biology, chemistry, biochemistry, bioinformatics, and physiology. A few of my projects are:

  • Role of epigenetic remodeling in persistent myofibroblast activation (mechanical memory)
  • Improved sequencing techniques for investigating mechanotransduction (insitu ATAC seq) 
  • Interplay of immune cells and fibroblasts in disease progression
  • Sex differences in response to cardiac injury (animal models)
  • 3D culture for enhanced cardiac muscle cell survival

Cierra Walker Research