• Event at Duke University in 1940















  • Glenn Miller with fan, Iowa 1940




















  • Group photo with large display of Lowry Telegram




















  • Glenn Miller working with Producers








  • Big band performance


















  • Big band performance












  • Glenn Miller at Polebrook 4




  • Big band performance in London









The Glenn Miller Archive has grown since 1969 led by Alan Cass to become a leading center for the preservation, restoration and communication of the 20th Century American entertainment industry, particularly the "big band era." Dozens of artists and their families have been joined by private collectors, authors, broadcasters, journalists, media executives, media corporations and trade organizations to assemble a national treasure. The contents of the 56 GMA Collections are being documented in our Catalogs. The depth and scope of the 56 GMA Collections is a remarkable testimony to the heritage built by all of the professionals who entertained and informed Americans and earnestly projected American artistic talent around the world.   


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Feroce, Frances
The Glenn Miller Society (U. K.)
Goden, Roger
Hamilton, Eric Monteith
Haynes, Donald Wayne and Polly Davis
Haynes, Rev. Peter
Hershcopf, Richard
Hoffman, Jonnie Dee Miller
Holloway, Henry
Kingdom, Julius H.
Lyon, Hayes
MacGregor, John Chalmers
Madden, Cecil
Mandell, Alan (Alan Dell)
March, Richard C.
Martin, Donald T.
Miller, Dr. Deane
Miller, Glenn and Helen
Miller, John
Miller, John Herbert
Miller, Steven Davis
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