Header for “Borders/Boundaries/Fronteras: Rethinking American Music”

Friday, October 15, noon to 5 pm (MST)
Koelbel Building on CU campus, Room C342
(in the Leeds School of Business)

Or by Zoom: Meeting ID: 951 0472 6125

Free and Open to the Public

As we enter the third decade of the 21st century, borders loom large, inserting or reinserting themselves in our aesthetic, cultural, and political lives. From the use of walls and fences to define physical and political boundaries; to the music industry’s attempted policing of genre crossers, like Lil Nas X and his 2019 summer mega-hit “Old Town Road;” to the striking blurring of historical boundaries as protestors in Santiago, Chile in 2019 sang Victor Jara’s “El derecho de vivir en paz,” sonically slamming past and present together; borders—far from becoming obsolete—have achieved a new poignancy.  Featuring leading scholars of music of the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean whose work appears in the inaugural issue of the journal, Americas: A Hemispheric Music Journal, this Symposium explores the ways that borders--whether geographic, political, social, sonic, performative, or temporal--impact music, musical making, musical reception, and musical meaning.

Susan Thomas
Jacqueline Avila 
Teresita D Lozano
Marc M Gidal
Brandon Stover
Matthew J Jones
Sarah Town
Alejandro L Madrid
Xóchitl C Chávez