The learning center is a great resource for APPM students. This is the location that all Teaching Assistant (TA) and Learning Assistant (LA) office hours are held. You are welcome and encouraged to visit the office hours of any TA or LA from your class, so even if you are busy while your particular TA or LA has office hours, chances are good there will be someone else able to help you at a different time. You will find knowledgeable help with homework and course questions from the very people who help teach these courses. Additionally, this is a great place to meet other people taking the same class and form study groups. Take advantage of this free tutoring and visit often. 


There are three Applied Mathematics learning center rooms this fall.

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The schedule of office hours for each class is linked below.

ECCR 244: 

APPM 1235 - Precalculus 

APPM 1340 - Calculus w/ Algebra

APPM 1360 - Calculus 2 


ECCR 211:

APPM 1350 - Calculus 1 

APPM 2350 - Calculus 3

APPM 2360 - Differential Equations (T/R)


FLMG 208:

APPM 2360 - Differential Equations (M/W/F)


Upper Level Courses:

APPM 3170 - Discrete Applied Mathematics

APPM 3310 - Matrix Methods

APPM 3570 - Applied Probability

APPM 4350/5350 - Fourier Series

APPM 4440 - Undergraduate Applied Analysis

APPM 4520 - Intro to Mathematical Statistics

APPM 4650 - Intermediate Numerical Analysis