• This course is the continuation of APPM 5440, with the same instructor and same book.  The biggest change is that we are no longer using D2L for grades and homework solutions; instead, we are using canvas. Visit our course's canvas website.
    • We cover chapters 7, 8, 9, 11, and 12 of Hunter and Nachtergaele's book (APPM 5440 covered chapters 1--6), skipping chapters 10 and 13.
  • The class meets in ECCR 131 every Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 1 PM to 1:50 PM
    • Note: this is not the same time/location as last semester
  • The final exam is Sunday May 6 from 7:30 PM to 10 PM
    • If you have any issues with this date, let the instructor know immediately
    • Since you have months of advance warning, there are very few valid reasons to miss it!
  • Dropping the course
    • After Jan 31 2018, if you drop the course, a "W" shows up on the transcript and you are charged for the class (last day to add a class is Jan 24 2018)
    • After Mar 23 2018, the course cannot be dropped automatically online; you need to petition the dean for approval (which is unlikely to happen except in extenuating circumstances).
  • Exams from previous years:

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Course Information

Text: Applied Analysis by by J. Hunter and B. Nachtergaele, World Scientific Publishing, 1st ed., 2001, ISBN 978-9812705433.

Syllabus: APPM 5450 syllabus (last updated 1/21/18)

Prelim exam: this course is designed to partially prepare you for the Analysis prelim exam (Analysis prelim exam, old website) for graduate students in the applied math department (you should also know advanced calculus and the first semester of this course; in addition, independent studying is recommended).

Lecture Times and Location

Instructor Room Number Time
Stephen Becker ECCR 131 MWF 1 to 1:50

Office Hours

Instructor/TA Room Number Office Hours
Stephen Becker ECOT 231 Tues 3-3:30 PM; Wed 4:30-5 PM; Thurs 1-2 and 4-5 PM


Homework solutions are to uploaded to Canvas (

Homework Due date
HW 1, ch 7 Friday, Jan 26 2018
HW 2, ch 7,8 Friday, Feb 2 2018
HW 3, ch 8 Friday, Feb 9 2018
HW 4, ch 8 Monday, Feb 19 2018
HW 5, ch 9 Friday, Mar 2 2018
HW 6, ch 9 Friday, Mar 9 2018
HW 7, ch 9 Monday, Mar 19 2018
HW 8, ch 11 Friday, Mar 23 2018
HW 9, ch 11 Monday, April 9 2018
HW 10, ch 12 Friday, April 13 2018
HW 11, ch 12 Monday, April 23 2018
HW 12, ch 12 Friday, April 27 2018
HW 13, ch 12 HW is optional


There are no mid-term exams, only a final (in-class). Half of the homework are "no collaboration" homeworks, which serve as mid-term exam scores.

The final exam is in accordance with the standard CU Final Exam schedule and is Sunday, May 6 2018 from 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Supplemental Handouts

Handouts for 5450:

some handouts from the 2016 version of 5450:

Handouts from 5440:

Supplemental (non-required) texts/resources:

The material we cover is quite standard, so there are lots of references. If you were to get one additional reference, I'd suggest Kreyszig.

Note: you may not use theorems/lemmas/etc. from any of the above references in a homework problem without proof unless explicitly mentioned (with the exception of the Hunter/Nachtergaele book, from which you may use any stated fact from the current or previous chapters).

Previous versions the 5450 course:

  • spring semester APPM 5450 (2015) and 2016, taught by Prof. Becker (links are probably dead as WebExpress automatically unpublishes old course webpages)
  • spring semester APPM 5450 (taught by Prof Martinsson): 2006200720082010201120132014, 2017 (these links should still be active)

Previous versions the 5440 course: