• The list of lectures is on this google sheet. The schedule will be updated throughout the schedule -- I will try to accurately estimate what topic the lecture is for the next class, but topics further out are less certain due to variances in how long it takes to cover a subject
  • Code from demonstrations will be on the github repo site (homework is also posted there as well)
  • The syllabus is available (syllabus version Wed Jan 16, syllabus version Fri Jan 11)
  • A brochure advertising the course

Quick Links

Course Information

Text: There is no required textbook

Resources (in place of a textbook):

Specific papers will be mentioned in a separate place, but here is a list of monographs that are helpful:

Textbooks for related topics

  • for numerical linear algebra,


Lecture Times and Location

Instructor Room Number Time
Stephen Becker FLMG 102 MWF 10 to 10:50


Office Hours

Instructor/TA Room Number Office Hours
Stephen Becker ECOT 231 Wed 4 to 5 PM; Thurs 1 to 2 PM and 4 to 5 PM



Homework solutions are to uploaded to Canvas. 

Homework Due date
HW 1 (reading) Friday Jan 18, 2019
HW 2 (math and code) Friday Jan 25, 2019
HW 3 (reading and code) Friday Feb 1, 2019
HW 4 (math and code) Friday Feb 8, 2019
HW 5 (math and code) Friday Feb 15, 2019
HW 6 (reading) Friday Feb 22, 2019
HW 7 (reading and code) Friday Mar 1, 2019
HW 8 (reading, math and code) Friday Mar 8, 2019
HW 9 (code) Friday Mar 15, 2019
HW 10 (code) Monday April 1, 2019



There are no exams (no midterms, no finals)



Details about any class projects, TBD