Course Information

 The course goals are  twofold:

  1. to continue to develop the fundamental concepts of mathematical analysis begun in APPM 4440 and extend these ideas to Rn and
  2. to continue to develop your ability to read and write proofs.(Prerequisite is APPM 4440, Applied Analysis I, or equivalent.) 

The main page for this class is on Canvas (go to

Text: Advanced Calculus, 2nd edition, by Patrick M. Fitzpatrick, AMS, ISBN 978-0-8218-479-6

Lecture Times and Location

Instructor Room Number Time
James Meiss ECCR 118 MWF 12:00

Office Hours

Instructor/TA Room Number Office Hours
James Meiss ECOT 236 Th 10-11,3-4, F 2-3
(other times by appointment)


Homework assigments are on the Canvas page for this class. You will upload your HWs on the due date at 2PM to Canvas. Please scan and make a single .pdf file (there is a scanner in the Eng. Library). Drop your HW into the dropbox on the Canvas course page (go to Keep the original for yourself. Leave a 2'' blank space between each problem---this is the space where you will write your comments. After class, the solutions will be posted on Canvas. You will then grade your own homework and turn in the original, graded homework in class on Friday. Use the scale 5 pts/prob.

Your work will also be graded by me. Your final score will be my score plus up to 5 additional points for the accuracy/completensss of your grading. All 5 points will be awarded if our scores differ by no more than 5 points and if you have good comments on your graded problems (i.e., what you did correctly, where my answer differed from yours and why, etc.), 4 points if our scores differ by no more 8 points and you have some good comments, 3 points if our scores differ by no more than 10 points, etc.

Class Participation

Each student will present a homework problem solution, an extension of a topic discussed in class, or a proof (perhaps something different from the text), at least once every 3-4 weeks. Each student should give three or more presentations during the semester.


There will be one midterm exam and a comprehensive final. The date of the midterm exam will be announced in class at least one week in advance. The final exam will be comprehensive.