All current students and alumni are included in the Forever Buffs family for life. This community of 280,000 loyal and engaged Forever Buffs – 30,000 current students and 250,000 former students – provides an educated, affluent, and influential audience for marketing your organization.

Targeted Audience

CU alums have a shared affinity based on common experience and memories. Because of this affinity, a great deal of trust has been established between the Association and its alumni. This trust can be fostered for creative and advantageous marketing opportunities.

Marketing Opportunities

When partnering with the CU-Boulder Alumni Association, your business can be seen through print, on-site, internet, email, and social media exposure. Outside of Boulder, there are exposure opportunities at regional events as well as football and basketball away game events held across the country. 


The Coloradan, the University of Colorado Boulder’s award-winning alumni magazine, engages an informative editorial environment to more than 220,000 educated readers four times a year. The Coloradan focuses on campus news, outstanding and interesting alumni, faculty and student achievements, sports, Alumni Association activities and cutting edge research. 

Your advertising will reach alumni, faculty, and CU-Boulder staff. An estimated 84,000 readers live in Colorado - 42,000 in the Denver metro area and an additional 26,000 in the surrounding Boulder area. Remaining readers live throughout the United States.

The 68-page full color Coloradan is the only publication that covers CU and reaches addressable alumni. 5,000 new graduates a year begin receiving the magazine after they graduate.


Email – Forever Buffs Insider e-newsletter- $800/ad space or banner

Sent every other month via email to:

  • 65,000 subscribers in Colorado 
  • 53,000 subscribers nationally 
  • 118,000 total

There are more than 280,000 Forever Buffs worldwide! 

Top 5 States of Alumni Residence

  • Colorado: 102,731
  • California: 23,975
  • Texas: 6,529
  • Washington: 5,279
  • New York: 5,274

Alumni Counts by Decade

Current Students: 30,000+

  • 2000s (ages 21-33): 71,783
  • 1990s (ages 34-43): 52,352
  • 1980s (ages 44-53): 42,445
  • 1970s (ages 54-63): 34,836
  • 1960s+ (ages 64+): 34,431